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Potassium Fulvate Granule

Potassium Fulvate Granule

Potassium Fulvate Granule is our unique product in China, it is made of natural young leonardite. It can be dissolved in strong alkali solution and strong acid solution, easily soluble in hardness water, salty concentration of soil was reduced greatly and the acidic soil or alkaline oil are both converted to neutral after using this product, more functional group as hydroxyl, carboxyl and phenolic hydroxyl, excellent performance on deflocculation,etc.

Potassium Fulvate Granule application
Potassium Fulvate Granule application
Potassium Fulvate Granule application



1) Product name
Potassium Fulvate

2) Other name
Fulvic acid potassium salt; Potassium Fulvic acid, Fulvic Acid, etc.

3) Product features
High water solubility & Dissolving in water quickly;

High particle hardness & Suitable for machine fertilization;

It can be used with Bulk Blend Fertilizer (BB fertilizer)

Typical Analysis

Product code: KH-PFAG

potassium fulvate granule Appearance Granule



Fulvic Acid (dry basis)

30.0%-40.0%, 10.0%-20.0%

Humic acid (dry basis)


Potassium (K2O dry basis)






Granule Size

2-4mm, 4-6mm


Functions & Benefit:

1) Made from NATURE Yong leonardite.

2) ANTI FLOCCULATION & ANTI water hardness

3) Suitable for ACID & alkaline soil

4) Increases root respiration and formation, enhance plant growth and yield

5) Enhances pH buffering capacity

6) Enhances photosynthesis and respiration

7) increase in the synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids, which will facilitate the action of enzymes formed with some amino acids and micro-nutrients.

8) Contributes to an increased exploitation of water by the plant

9) Increases enzyme activity, Positive effect on plant DNA and RNA

10)Increases drought tolerance and prevents wilting

11)Detoxifies various pollutants

12)Provides a food source for soil micro-organisms

Direction for use:

Drip irrigation: 1-2kgs per hectare

Foliar spray: 0.5-1kg per ha.

To produce liquid solution, put 250g this humate into 10 liter of water at a very slow speed; agitate the solution at a constant speed. The solution can be applied 3-5 liter per Ha. Please make sure the solution is even before transferring to the spray tank.


1KG/BAG, 5KGS/BAG, 10KGS/BAG, 25kgs/Kraft Paper Bag, or, customized packing is available.

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