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Humic acid is highly recognized by visiting customers

November 19, 2020

Tomas is a big business man who working on the base (traditional) fertilizer (such as NPK, UREA, ect.)more than 15 years. This time he decided to visit our company , the most reson is that he realized the importance of humus fertilizer. Humic acid is highly recognized by visiting customers and signed an order of 160 tons.

The high-quality fertilizer for agriculture is inseparable from humic acid potassium. The water souble humic acid and fulvic acid advantages of crop stress resistance are obvious to all.

Humic acid is highly recognized by visiting customers

We disucssion humus importants for modern agriculture.

Humic acid fertilizer can meet the needs of sustainable development of high-yield, high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture.

Top 10 benefits of adding humic acid and fulvic acid to your crops:

Improves your soil condition, so it retains more nutrient and water

Fulvic acid stimulates root growth and promotes plant cell division

It increases healthy carbon production to correct plant growth

It helps to aerate the soil and improve bioactivity

Humic acid also helps to physical and mechanical properties of the soil in structure, color, and consistency

Improves germination rates of seed during over-seeding

It’s also perfect in stabilizing soil PH level

It increases photosynthesis and chlorophyll concentrations

It helps in scavenge toxic pollutants or instead, to detoxifies the soil

Potassium fulvic acid improves the growth of beneficial micro-organisms

Thank you for the customer who flew all the way from the other end of the earth to China and isolated for 14 days just for meeting with us. We will be your best supplier of humic fulvic products.