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What is the production process of potassium fulvate

October 14, 2020

In recent years, many customers consulted us: Can I make humic acid products at home? (potassium fulvate also called potassium fulvic acid or fulvic acid.)

We answered: You must have the first basic condition, the place where you are is rich in natural mineral resources, which can ensure that the humic acid you produce is high in activity and has real use value.

The second, we have the advanced equipments in the world.

This is the one reason why many customers choose us. Because our prices are competitive, and the more important point is 100% guarantee product quality. Please see the detailed production process as following: humic acid raw material is leonardite, and the product quality is strictly controlled by our QC befor-sale.

How is potassium fulvate produced?

What is the production process of potassium fulvate

Description of Flow chart diagram of potassium fulvate (fulvic acid):

1:Dry and smash the leonardite;

2:Purify through the purifier sieve, charge 1000kgs into the reaction tank,

3:Add 100kgs of Potassium hydroxide 99%;

4:Keep the reaction at 100°C for half an hour then produce the semi finished product;

5:Put the semi finished product into the mixing tank;

6:Start the stirrer, stir for 30 minutes;

7:Then pump the solution to a dryer, take a sample from the dry basis and analysis;

8:Pack the product into 25kg plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag if it has past the quality control test.